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Kicking off the Spring/Summer 2014 Collection!

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Sharon Boucher Design is  women's fashion. Custom made clothing for busy working women and active socialites. Ladies apparel you can wear to work and dressing it up in the evening with some accessories and be fabulous not over done. My dresses and blouses are staple pieces versatile everyday wear,but the details lend an edge, to an independent look. The pieces are hand made carefully for each client. Ladie's clothing you can't find at women clothing stores. 

"Sophisticated shirts on the south side"

-Bridgette Maiellaro (Chicago Magazine)

"Sharon’s designs are very avant garde as they say in French, meaning very advanced and unconventional. When interviewed , she expressed that she is not afraid to let her imagination dictate what her creative designs will be."

-Melody Boykin (The examiner.com)

"Sharon designs ‘casual chic’, very sexy clothing with puffed sleeves, flounces and bows. She’s from Jamaica and has a lovely accent; she worked in Belgium for a couple of years, and encapsulates that European simplicity."

-Inara Cedrins (chicago art Magazine)